Reduction of maintenance man-hour

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  • Replacement
  • Reduction of maintenance man-hour
  • Recycle plant

Eliminating the need for tanker transportation and filter cloth cleaning. Daily sludge treatment has got easier

Plastic bottle recycling plant in Mexico

This recycling plant was using a filter press to dewater sludge, but the amount of sludge increased from the time of the installation. The sludge that exceeded processing capacity was therefore transported as liquid. Since the liquid sludge transportation alone costs the company fifty thousand dollars every month, they were looking for a new dewatering machine capable of handling the whole volume of sludge with a single unit.


  • Dewatering oily sludge
  • Replacement
  • Reduction of maintenance man-hour
  • Recycle plant

Adjusting the specification according to the dewatering target.

Glass Recycling Factory in Japan

This factory recycles glass and processes them into small pieces which can be used for making glass bottles. Nevertheless, the pieces of glass need to be washed before having been shipped to another factory where the final product will be made and this cleaning water needs to be treated somehow. They had been using a belt press for dewatering sludge generated from their wastewater treatment plant, but because of its age, they started looking for a new sludge dewatering system.


  • Food Processing Plant
  • Reduction of maintenance man-hour

The VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press Purchased Repeatedly, Plays a Very Important Role at a Tofu Factory.

Otokomae Tofu Inc. (Japan)

Otokomae Tofu Inc. develops, manufactures and sells Tofu (Soybean Curd), with impressive product names. They installed the second VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press in their Kiyosato factory, following the first one installed in their Kyoto factory. We interviewed the responsible person to take care of the whole wastewater treatment plan to ask the reason why they have become our repeater.


  • Food Processing Plant
  • Replacement
  • Reduction of maintenance man-hour

VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press reduces maintenance time sharply!

Komagata Foods Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Komagata Foods Co., Ltd., manufacturing feed for fish cultivation, used to use a belt filter press, but they had always faced clogging problems because of the oily sludge. They also suffered from spillage over from the side of filter cloth, making operators to keep their eyes on the machine all day.


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