Reduction of operation management man-hour

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  • Chemical Plant
  • Replacement
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour

Let it does job for you! VOLUTE™ frees operator from maintenance.

Nippoh Chemicals CO.,LTD. (Japan)

Operators had to make frequent check-up and maintenance with the existing belt filter press before introducing the VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press. Sludge condition changed time to time that dilute sludge often spilled over from the side of filter cloth, making operators to clean up machine every three hours.


  • Food Processing Plant
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour

Dramatic Change in Efficiency Brought by The Installation of The VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press

Yamauchi Company (Japan)

Since sludge dewatering equipment had not been installed in their wastewater treatment plant, sludge had been treated with a sand filter and took them 1 to 2 weeks to dry. Furthermore, the dried sludge had been picked up and placed in a tub by 30 employees, and it took them an hour to complete their task. It was not only time-consuming but also required high labor cost. However, this was not the only issues that they had been confronted with in sludge treatment. Since the sand filter is installed outside, sludge treatment can be significantly influenced by the weather. For instance, there is a huge disparity in temperature between summer and winter, and this undesirable environment had affected their productivity to a great extent. Moreover, the fact that the time when the sludge dries depends on the weather made them difficult to treat sludge according to plan.


  • Food Processing Plant
  • Replacement
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour

Our biggest models can dewater huge amount of sludge during summer months.

Juice Producer in France

After a successful pilot test has been carried out, AMCON successfully installed one of our biggest models, ES-351 in the Juice factory in France. Although they had been using a belt press until then, they were not satisfied with its performance and they were always looking for an alternative solution for their sludge dewatering until they found VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press.


  • Livestock Farm
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour

Suitable for piggery wastewater treatment!

Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. (Japan)

Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. had faced problems with labor and maintenance works accompanied with the handling of excess sludge, generated from their piggery wastewater treatment plant. Before installing VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press, the excess sludge had been treated by all of the workers in the firm through a series of process; pumping the sludge, carrying out and disposing. These time-consuming and burdensome works had been regarded as major problems.


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour
  • Reduction of Initial cost / outlays for construction
  • Improvement of work environment

Squeeze sludge fresh out of the reactor. Don't wait until it stinks!

Municipal sewage application (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

In the wastewater treatment plant of a town in Nagano, the long-used belt press was in a time to be overhauled. The person in charge had racked his brain over the problem of huge cost required to overhaul this equipment at regular intervals. He had been seeking a solution to this problem. In addition, he had to cope with another knotty problem that a planned new construction of sludge treatment plant cost had to be lowered as possible. Furthermore, there had been multiple problems in this town in connection with sludge treatment including odor problem generated from the Sludge Thickening Storage Tank, the employment cost of resident staff to manage the existing dewatering equipment.


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