Wastewater Treatment Plant

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  • Replacement
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Power savings
  • Control for concentration fluctuations

No need to change operational settings even when sludge concentration fluctuates

Sewage treatment plant in Japan

This sewage treatment plant was planning to renew its dewatering machine due to aging of the existing centrifuge. The new dewatering machine was required to have a lower running cost than that of the centrifuge, and to maintain a stable dewatering performance despite fluctuations in sludge properties since we know seasonal fluctuations in sludge properties have a significant impact on the moisture content of dewatered cake in the existing dewatering machine.


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Law DS content
  • Filtrate quality

Achieving 24% DS content at maximum and improvement of filtrate quality

Boxholm WWTP in Sweden

This municipal wastewater treatment plant uses activated sludge process. Waste activated sludge was treated by centrifuge and was facing law DS content and filtrate quality.


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Škvorec WWTP in Czech Republic

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Němčice nad Hanou WWTP in Czech Republic

  • Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Small footprint

Ultra-small VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press ES-051 largely solves all the costs and maintenance problems.

Septic Tank in Ukraine

In the year of 2004 in Ukraine, there was no compact sludge dewatering equipment suitable for small-scale wastewater treatment facilities like septic tanks. As for septic tanks, it had been common that liquid sludge was disposed by tanker truck and delivered to central sludge dewatering facilities for post treatment. For that reason, the annual sludge disposal cost was extremely high, which had been a major issue among user and maintenance service company.


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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Nakanojo Wastewater Treatment Plant in Japan

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Reduction of operation management man-hour
  • Reduction of Initial cost / outlays for construction
  • Improvement of work environment

Squeeze sludge fresh out of the reactor. Don't wait until it stinks!

Municipal sewage application (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

In the wastewater treatment plant of a town in Nagano, the long-used belt press was in a time to be overhauled. The person in charge had racked his brain over the problem of huge cost required to overhaul this equipment at regular intervals. He had been seeking a solution to this problem. In addition, he had to cope with another knotty problem that a planned new construction of sludge treatment plant cost had to be lowered as possible. Furthermore, there had been multiple problems in this town in connection with sludge treatment including odor problem generated from the Sludge Thickening Storage Tank, the employment cost of resident staff to manage the existing dewatering equipment.


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