Sludge Dewatering and Fermentation System

(offered only in Japan)
The amount of disposed sludge can be significantly reduced by drying (Click here for sludge dryer) and fermenting the dewatered cake. AMCON proposes sludge treatment which eliminates the disposal cost of sludge.

Sludge Dewatering and Fermentation System Dell Compo DC series

Dell Compo, which realizes the concept of "local production for local consumption," is a system for municipal wastewater treatment plants with 1,000 to 3,000 PE. All the required equipment including the sludge dewatering press, dryer, and fermentation tank are unitized, whereby sludge with a water content of 99% is treated into fermented sludge with a water content of 40% and then discharged. Sludge is able to be fermented without supplemental materials for moisture conditioning such as sawdust or rice straw; therefore, making it highly economical. In addition, fermentation at high temperatures of about 70 degrees Celsius kills parasites and harmful microorganism and generates a hygienic form of fermented sludge. Fermented sludge is discharged in pelleted form, and therefore can be handled easily without scattering dust. Furthermore, sludge is stored as stable fermented sludge, hence, in contrast to the case of dewatered cake with high water content, odors and mold do not arise easily; and the plant can be maintained hygienically.


Throughput - Sludge Dewatering and Fermentation System [Dell Compo DC series]

"Local production for local consumption" of sludge

In 1996, ahead of all others, AMCON launched the sale of Dell Compo for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Dell Compo, which realized a small footprint, low cost, and high performance, disproved the established theory that equipment for sludge dewatering and for composting cannot be placed in small size municipal wastewater treatment plants where the floor areas and budget are limited. Sludge that was once disposed as industrial waste for some costs is now utilized as compost*; and sludge disposal cost is eliminated. Since its release, many small-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants have installed Dell Compo and realized " local production for local consumption of sludge."
*To use fermented sludge as compost, registration with municipality is required.

[Local production for local consumption] of sludge

Compost effectiveness of fermented sludge

Fermented sludge can be utilized as fertilizer or soil conditioner in agricultural land and green areas.

Conditioning of soil

Provided with organic material, structure of soil turns crumb and can be suitably conditioned with air or moisture. Consequently, the soil softens and root elongation will be less interrupted.
In addition, the ion-exchangeability of organic material gives soil chemical properties that make it suitable for plant growth such as hardness of active ingredients washout, buffer action of pH; and thus produce stable soil.

Utility of slow acting

Ingredients from the organic material of fermented sludge dissolve gradually in the soil, therefore, nutrients can be supplied to the soil effectively.

Reduction of soil

Effective micro-organisms in fermented sludge suppress the generation of disease insects or germs.


Polymer Coagulant Hybrid V Series

Polymer Coagulant
Hybrid V Series

Officially recommended polymers for VOLUTETM Dewatering Presses and Thickeners



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  • 汚泥脱水機/濃縮機
  • 汚泥乾燥機/汚泥脱水発酵システム
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