Sludge Thickener

Sludge thickener equipped with VOLUTETM technology. The self-cleaning mechanism for clog prevention enables constant and stable sludge thickening to be performed over a long time.

VT Series

Thickener VT series thickens sludge with concentration of 1% or less to that with a concentration of 4 to 6%.
This mechanical thickening will constantly produce stable thickened sludge, which is difficult with gravity thickening.
It is possible to install as pre-thickener for your existing belt press or centrifuge to improve their dewatering performance.
Furthermore, even in some facilities where the dewatered cakes are not easily transported, the volume of sludge to be disposed of can be reduced by thickening and yet it is still easily transported (pumped) as it is still in liquid form.


Throughput - Sludge Thickener [VT series]


Polymer Coagulant Hybrid V Series

Polymer Coagulant
Hybrid V Series

Officially recommended polymers for VOLUTETM Dewatering Presses and Thickeners

Polymer Make-up System AF Series

Polymer Make-up System
AF/AP Series, Polymore

For labor saving in sludge treatment

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