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A New Stage in Sludge DewateringWhat is evolutionary about VOLUTE DUO™?

VOLUTE DUO™ Mechanism

Twin screws are enclosed
in one cylinder
This press significantly reduces the risk of blockage
while providing higher transportation efficiency,
even with difficult liquids or semi-liquid materials.
By driving the Moving Rings
with an external rod
Long-life durable design is achieved.

What is evolutionary about VOLUTE DUO™ ?

  • Significantly extended life span
  • No performance deterioration for a long time
  • Compact flocculation tank
  • The reduction of the flocculant consumption by up to 25% *Based on our own test.
  • Reduction of
    consumables cost
  • No performance deterioration for a long time
  • Wider application range
  • Low blockage risk
  • Large capacity models more affordable
  • Compact Flocculation tank
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High solids capture rate
  • Low concentrated sludge, TS from 0.5%
  • Water and energy saving

Treatment process flow