We are a global group
with three business lines.

About Us

We provide products and services to customers in 77 countries and regions around the world.
With our expertise in sludge treatment, water quality testing, environmental analysis, and plumbing system maintenance, we help our customers grow/develop, as well as to maintain their safe and secure daily lives by providing high-quality solutions, reliable services, and cost efficient methods.
We are professionals behind the scenes committed to supporting our customers by taking on new challenges and creating new ideas for a more comfortable and convenient future. That is our goal.

Origin of the Company Name and Logo


Amenity + Convenience = AMCON

Aiming to embody our corporate philosophy of “providing amenity and convenience beyond expectation”, we named ourselves “AMCON” by combining “AMenity(or comfortable environment)” and “CONvenience (or convenient system).”
AMCON’s cute-looking logo mark is our face with “an eye of technology” and “an eye of trust.” The logo came from the desire to continually keep an eye on our customers’ facilities with advanced technology and reliable services.

AMCON’s Milestone