Various Inspection Services

Avoid Problems In Advance By Performing Professional Inspections

Various Inspection Services

Proper facility inspections are essential to maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.
We will conduct plumbing system inspections, various legal inspections, and other common utility inspections upon request.
It is also possible to combine inspection service with Plans A to D, which include periodic inspections of the plumbing system and 24-hour emergency maintenance support.

Water supply system inspection

Water Supply System Inspection

In addition to detailed inspections of water receiving tanks and pumps, experienced professionals will also conduct detailed inspections such as the time required until the water stops after operating the open/close valve, the sound of water flowing in, the vibration when the water stops, etc., and propose appropriate repairs and maintain the facilities.

Inspection type

  • Water receiving tanks and elevated water tanks
  • Boost water supply system
  • Various pumps

Inspection of drainage system

Inspection Of Drainage System

We conduct a detailed inspection of drainage tanks and drainage pumps. To prevent serious sanitary problems such as wastewater overflowing from the drainage tank, we carefully remove deposits from float switches, etc., and conduct alarm device emission tests.

Inspection type

  • Drainage tank
  • Drainage pipe interior condition
  • Sludge treatment facilities

Inspection of the small-scale private water supply system(legal inspection)

Inspection Of The Small-Scale Private Water Supply System(Legal Inspection)

The interior and exterior of the water receiving tank, insect netting for ventilation pipes, manhole sealing, and residual chlorine are inspected. It prevents pests and other insects from entering the system and protects clean water. Buildings having water receiving tanks with an effective capacity of more than 10 m3 are required by the Waterworks Law to receive this type of inspection once a year.

Periodical inspection of building equipment(legal inspection)

Periodical Inspection Of Building Equipment(Legal Inspection)

This is an inspection required by Article 12 of the Building Standard Law to be conducted periodically once a year. The four systems subject to inspection are plumbing system, ventilation system, emergency lighting system, and smoke exhaust system.

Inspection type

  • Plumbing system
  • Ventilation system
  • Emergency lighting equipment
  • Smoke exhaust system

Periodical inspection of specified buildings(legal inspection)

Periodical Inspection Of Specified Buildings(Legal Inspection)

This is an inspection required by Article 12 of the Building Standard Law to be conducted on buildings as specified in the law above. The inspection frequency is every three years for residential buildings such as apartments and every year for hotels and public facilities.

Inspection type

  • Building itself and the site
  • Building facilities (lighting and plumbing)
  • Elevator
  • Fire prevention system

Inspection of fire equipment(legal inspection)

Inspection Of Fire Equipment(Legal Inspection)

The Fire Defense Law requires equipment inspections once every six months and a comprehensive inspection once a year. In the event of an emergency, the system will operate properly to protect the safety of residents and facility users.

Inspection type

  • Fire alarm system
  • Escape system
  • Fire extinguishing system

Inspection of other common utilities

Inspection Of Other Common Utilities

In addition to plumbing systems, we also offer a variety of building-related inspections.

Inspection type

  • Lighting fixtures
  • Air conditioning system
  • Metering services
  • Television antennas
  • Rooftop waterproofing


Pest Control

To ensure “comfortable and hygienic spaces” in buildings, we exterminate unpleasant pests using chemicals based on our expertise.

  • Cockroaches
  • Bees
  • Rats