Sludge Dewatering Press

What is the meaning of “VOLUTE” in the VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press?

VOLUTE means “helical” or “spiral” in English. The VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press is named after its screw shape, which resembles a spiral vortex.

In what country is the VOLUTE™/VOLUTE DUO™ Dewatering Press originated?

This is a product originally developed by AMCON in Japan together with its global teams.
Patents have been obtained in Japan and other countries.

What kind of things can be dewatered?

We can handle various types of sludge including waste activated sludge, chemically precipitated sludge, and dissolved-air flotation sludge. It can dewater not only high concentrated sludge but also low concentrated sludge with no difficulty because it has a thickening mechanism.
VOLUTE DUO™ is also available for stable dewatering of highly fibrous sludge or inorganic materials.
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Can oily sludge be dewatered?

Yes. Another advantage of our sludge dewatering presses is that they can dewater oily sludge.
Oil normally causes clogging of filter mesh, but the self-cleaning mechanism of the filter element allows dewatering without clogging.
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What concentration of sludge can be dewatered?

A wide range of concentration is possible, from low concentrated sludge of 2,000 mg/liter to high concentrated sludge of over 20,000 mg/liter.

What is the moisture content of dewatered cake?

It depends on the type of sludge, but in the case of waste activated sludge, it can be dewatered to a dry solids content of 20% +/-5%.

What is the price?

We will select the most suitable model for you and prepare a quotation.
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Can you estimate the cost savings and running costs compared to the existing dewatering machine?

Yes. After collecting information about the current conditions and possible your sludge sample, we will make a calculation. We will analyze sludge properties and characteristics, and do polymer matching tests to identify dewatering efficiency and find appropriate flocculant. We can also simulate the dryness during dewatering/drying to calculate the expected cost savings/running costs.
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How much is the throughput?

We offer a broad product lineup of sludge dewatering presses from very small compact models (up to 0.5 kg-DS/h) to large models (up to 640 kg-DS/h). The throughput may vary siginificantly by type of sludge.
Please refer to the brochure for the standard disposal amount for each type. Click here to download the brochure.

What is the size of the machine?

Our products are so compact in design that you can install them even in places where installation space is limited. We have a broad product lineup of sludge dewatering presses from very small compact models to large models, and you can check the machine dimensions in our brochuer.
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How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery is available from 30 days at the shortest, depending on the model (delivery time not included).
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Can we try the sludge dewatering press before purchasing?

Yes. To check if your sludge can be dewatered by our dewatering machine, we will first conduct jar tests for free.
At that time, we also identify the most appropriate chemicals needed.
We then suggest a pilot test on your site.
We also rent our sludge dewatering presses.

Delivery Record

What types of industries have you delivered your technologies to?

Our customers include not only municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants, but also a wide range of other industries such as livestock, meat processing, chemical manufacturing, machine parts manufacturing, metal processing, food and beverage manufacturing, brewing, airline and railroads, kitchen abatement equipment, commercial facilities, industrial waste disposal, and dry cleaning.
As of June 2023, we have delivered approximately 5,500 units worldwide.

After-sales Service

How do you handle emergencies such as mechanical troubles?

In case of trouble, click here to contact our distributors or you can reach us by the phone number below.
We will first ask you about the situation, and if the problem can be solved by yourself, we will guide you on how to handle it. If the problem cannot be solved by yourself, our service personnel will visit the site and take care of the problem. (It may take some time to arrange replacement parts.)
Yokohama Head Office International sales & marketing department.
(Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays closed)
TEL.+81-45-540-8580   FAX.+81-45-540-8588

Are there any consumables that need to be replaced regularly?

VOLUTE DUO™ Dewatering Press: Since the moving rings and screws, both of which are related to attenuation of dewatering performance, do not contact each other, parts replacement is not required for a long period of time.
VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press: The moving rings and screws are consumable parts and as such, need to be replaced periodically. Replacement time differs depending on the model, sludge type, and operation method of the dewatering machine.
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Will parts replacement and overhaul be performed at the installation site?

Yes. It will be done on-site. Our service personnel or our distributor’s service personnel will be dispatched to complete the work within one to three days, depending on the model.
*For some products, it may not be possible to do the work at the installation site depending on the nature of the work or the maintenance space available. For more information, click here to contact us.

How much does it cost to replace parts or overhaul them?

Replaced parts cost, technical fee, and dispatch fee will be charged.
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Daily Operation

How much cleaning water is required for the sludge dewatering press?

No cleaning water is required to prevent clogging of the filter element.
For hygiene reasons, we recommend showering every 10 minutes.
The shower water consumption per hour is about 24 liters for both EC-101 and GS-101.
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We would like to operate the dewatering machine between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Do workers need to be stationed to manage the operation?

No. Unattended operation is possible on a 24-hour basis.
In addition, the operation can be automatically turned on or off by timer control.

Is the operating sound noisy?

No. Another advantage of our sludge dewatering presses is that they are quiet because the motor operates at an extremely low speed. The sound of the flowing filtrate is the loudest and there is no big vibration.

What is power consumption?

The motor operates at extremely low speeds, so power consumption can be kept very low. Power-saving operation contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission and electricity cost.
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Due to the change in the properties of the sludge, it appears that the standard performance has not been achieved.

If you send us a sludge sample, we will conduct a free jar test and select the best chemicals for your current sludge properties.
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