Pilot Test

Customers may say
“We want to see the machine’s dewatering performance in a demonstration”
“We’re planning to replace our existing dewatering machine and would like to try other sludge dewatering machines”
“We are planning to install a sludge dewatering press for the first time and are worried about its operation and maintenance”

AMCON will prepare an actual machine at your wastewater treatment plant and deliver a dewatering test on the actual sludge that you want to treat.
This is a great opportunity to see firsthand the performance of the sludge dewatering press, as well as its operation and maintenance methods.
We have received favorable comments from our customers who are considering the introduction of a sludge dewatering press as they can eliminate their concerns before its introduction.

Case Study

Machine parts factory

Industrial wastewater: dewatering using a filter press
Domestic wastewater: transported away

The customer was considering the replacement of the existing dewatering machine. Since he was not familiar with our sludge dewatering press, he had concerns like “both industrial and domestic wastewaters could be dewatered as desired?” or “operation and maintenance would not be difficult?” The customer requested to see the actual dewatering process, so we delivered a demonstration to show him that it can dewater both industrial and domestic wastewaters as desired without any problem and also explained the operation procedure and daily maintenance items. The customer also wanted to continue the pilot test of VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press to eliminate their concerns. After using the machine for a month on a rental basis, the customer realized how easy it is to use the machine, while the filter press required a great deal of time for operational management. At the time of the introduction of the machine, the customer was already free from any anxiety.

Pilot test data

Sludge type:Chemical precipitated sludge, Waste activated sludge
Sludge concentration:2.3%
Water content:82.6%
Solids throughput:8.2kg-DS/h
Flocculated sludge
Flocculated sludge
Dewatered cake
Dewatered cake

Installation Example

Please consult with us about the location of the pilot test either outdoors or indoors.

Available Products

We can perform testing using VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press, VOLUTE DUO™ Dewatering Press, Polymer Make-up System, or other compatible models upon request.
(Pilot test is available on a chargeable basis)

Flow from Inquiry to Pilot Test

1. Inquiry and Application

For a consultation or application, please use this form to contact us, or call us. We will ask you about the sludge type, amount of sludge, and installation site.

International sales & marketing department
TEL : +81 (0)45 540 8580

2. Free Sludge Jar Test

Please send us 2 to 3 liters of sludge (3 to 4 liters of inorganic sludge) along with a Shipping Invoice and Safety Data Sheet so that we can check the suitability to our dewatering machines. (Please prepare containers by yourself. They will not be returned.)

Address for sludge sample

AMCON INC. International sales & marketing department
1926, Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan 223-0057
TEL : +81 (0)45 540 8580
for sludge sample

3. Site Inspection

We will visit the site as necessary to inspect the installation site of the dewatering machine.

Free sludge jar test

4. Transport and Pilot Test

After transporting the machine to the installation site and performing operational adjustments, you can check the performance, etc.

Transport and pilot test