Create opportunities
ourselves to make life
more interesting.

What Kind of Company is AMCON?

What Kind of Company is AMCON?

Active exchange of opinions regardless of
department, age, year of employment, or job level

We have several meeting spaces in the company,
which can be used freely.


An environment where individuals have a lot of
discretion and can take on a variety of challenges

If you have an interesting plan, you can take on the challenge of a new project.
Everyone has an equal opportunity for such challenges.


Never be limited by past ways of doing things

There is no evolution if we just keep doing the same thing, fearing failure.
We welcome flexible ideas.

Valuing Our Employees

“We, AMCON, are a group of professionals who seek to be the top company providing the top service, by the top people, with the top technology.”

With this management policy, we at AMCON are always striving to be better.
We place great importance on keeping everyone as a key person, not just a cog in the wheel.

Employee Training

We at AMCON believe that the growth of each and every employee is the source of our ability to continue to provide optimal solutions to our customers.
We aim to develop human resources who will steadily learn, think, understand, and create new value one step at a time.
Our goal is to develop human resources who can “provide amenity and convenience beyond expectation.”

How We Work

We value each employee’s ability to work with a balanced work style.
To ensure that our employees can continue to work with peace of mind,
we have systems in place to support a balance between private life and work.

Improved work-life balance

Paid holidays

Paid holidays can be taken from 3 months after employment and will be granted on April 1 of each year thereafter. The average paid holiday consumption rate is 85%. There is a system that allows our employees to take five consecutive days of paid holidays, which can be combined with weekends or national holidays for good refreshment.

Child-care and nursing care support

We support our employees involved in pregnancy, childbirth, child-care, and nursing care so that they can balance work with such family responsibilities. We also have a record of male employees taking childcare leave. Acquisition of child-care leave: All who wish to take it.

Reduced working hours system

Employees raising preschool children or caring for family members may choose to work shorter (6) hours a day.

Support during an extended leave

Information about the company is regularly provided to employees taking child-care or nursing care leave. In addition, we provide consultation regarding return to work.

Immunization assistance

Influenza vaccination:
The company will subsidize the cost of vaccination within a prescribed period.

Ideal working environment

Implementation of AM-Talk

The company-wide event “AM-Talk” including a general meeting is held several times a year.
This provides a good opportunity for employees who do not usually have much contact to get to know each other, leading to a virtuous cycle of work.

Never say, “This is the way it’s always been” or “We’ve been doing this way.”

Company policies and optimal methods will change with the ever-changing business environment and customer situations.
We never say “This is the way it’s always been” or “We’ve been doing this way” but we are constantly making improvements to do things better.

Call everyone with a form of address (-san) in the company.

To eliminate psychological barriers caused by age, year of employment, and hierarchy, we call everyone with
A hierarchy is necessary to distinguish responsibilities and authority, but we do not dare to call each other in a way that makes us especially aware of it.

Respect each other and say what we mean.

We are committed to “proposing good services to customers” and “moving the company in the right direction,” regardless of age, year of employment, or hierarchy.
There is a difference between disagreeing with an opinion and denying the integrity of others. We place importance on a frank and thorough discussion.

Follow-up System

We have established internal and external consultation services in case of unexpected situations.

Employment counseling

Harassment counseling

Counseling about child-care leave

“Create opportunities ourselves
to make life more interesting.”