Cleaning service of plumbing systems

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Cleaning Service Of Plumbing Systems

Regular cleaning is essential for the proper maintenance of plumbing systems.
Regular cleaning prevents breakdowns and accidents and protects the value of your assets.

Drainage Pipe Cleaning

To prevent such problems as clogged drains, foul odors, backflows, and leaks, we recommend that you undergo regular cleaning once a year. In many cases, the accumulation of dirt, which tends to generate with age and usage, could lead to serious problems and deterioration of the plumbing.
During drain cleaning, we receive many inquiries about unpleasant odors coming from drain ditches and outlets. Every drain outlet has a trap, which serves to block odors and prevent pests from their entry. The trap is designed to hold and seal water; if something smells from the drain outlet, there is no water in the trap in most cases. If there is an unpleasant odor, check this first.

Water Storage Tank Cleaning

Water storage tank for supplying drinking water to buildings must maintain a high level of sanitation. Drinking water reservoirs with an effective capacity of more than 10 m3 are required to undergo cleaning once a year.
Small reservoirs with an effective capacity of 10 m3 or less are also prone to soiling and should be cleaned once a year.

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Drainage Tank Cleaning
(Sewage, Miscellaneous Drainage Tanks, etc.)

A drainage tank is a tank for storing sewage and other wastewater. Regular removal of adherents prevents foul odors and pests, as well as malfunctions and breakdowns of ancillary equipment (sensors, pumps, etc.) in the tank. Buildings that fall under those defined in the Act for Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings are required to undergo cleaning at least three times a year.

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Drainage tanks are often installed in the lower levels of restaurants, or in the basement of buildings, and odors and insect infestation from these tanks could cause great inconvenience to restaurant operations.
In addition, a worst-case accident can be anticipated, such as the failure of a pump or other drainage equipment, causing sewage to flow out of the tank into the store. To prevent such problems, we recommend that drainage tanks be cleaned regularly once every three months.