Water and sludge treatment products

Hybrid V Series

Polymer Hybrid V series is officially recommended polymer for VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press and VOLUTE™ Thickeners. These chemicals have an excellent flocculation effect and are suitable for various types of technologies used at a wastewater treatment plant, such as sludge dewatering, dissolved-air floatation (DAF) systems, and chemical precipitation systems. The Hybrid V has anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric flocculants. These flocculants also come in three different forms: emulsion, dispersion, and powder.


Comparison between emulsion, dispersion, and powder

(Polymer with 40% active content)
(Easy to handle without
oil or surfactant)
(More economical than liquid type)
Dissolution time 5 – 30 minutes 3 – 10 minutes 1 hour
Dilution ratio 1:200 to 1:800
(The standard ratio is 1:400.)
1:50 to 1:200
(The standard ratio is 1:100.)
1:500 to 1:2000
(The standard ratio is 1:1000.)
Packing 10 kg/box or 1-ton container 10 kg/box 10 kg/bag or 15 kg/bag

Product Lineup

Emulsion Emulsion have excellent solubility and dissolve in water in 1/6 of the time required for powders to dissolve, so they will be ready for use in a shorter time. Emulsion hardly forms lumps and produces a uniform flocculant without waste. Unlike powder flocculants, emulsion do not diffuse in the air and there is no risk of inhalation.
Product Code Primary Component Ionicity
HB-6055 Polyacrylamide Medium anion
HB-6080 Polyacrylamide Strong anion
HB-7100 Polyacrylic acid ester Medium cation
HB-7175 Polyacrylic acid ester Strong cation
HB-8042 Polyacrylic acid ester Amphoteric
HB-8045 Polyacrylic acid ester Amphoteric
Dispersion Dispersion have excellent solubility, allowing for injection or addition in undiluted form. These chemicals contain no oil or surfactant and as such, are easy to handle. They are not affected by flocculation inhibition in high-salt wastewater.
Product Code Primary Component Ionicity
HD-6310 Polyacrylamide Strong anion
HD-7310 Polyacrylic acid ester Strong cation
HD-7320 Polyacrylic acid ester Cation
HD-7330 Polyacrylic acid ester Cation
HD-7340 Polyacrylic acid ester Cation
HD-9310 Polyacrylamide Nonion
Powder These products are in an affordable price range.
We offer a broad product lineup to meet various requirements.
Product Code Primary Component Ionicity
HF-6520 Polyacrylamide Weak anion
HF-6540 Polyacrylamide Medium anion
HF-7510 Polyacrylic acid ester Strong cation
HF-7550 Polyacrylic acid ester Weak cation
HF-8530 Polyacrylic acid ester Amphoteric
HF-9510 Polyacrylamide Nonion

*Various other products are available. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Example of chemicals used in wastewater treatment flow