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Costs for industrial waste reduced with thickener
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Costs for industrial waste reduced with thickener

Large Commercial Facility (Office Building) in Japan

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Large Commercial Facility (Office Building) in Japan

Their problem

Some office buildings and large commercial facilities have wastewater treatment facilities underground. In such case, it is difficult to take dewatered cake out, so sludge is kept in liquid form and vacuumed out by pump without being dewatered. This potential customer also had been vacuuming out the liquid sludge, and had considered how to reduce the large cost of this industrial waste disposal.

AMCON’s solution

The VOLUTE™ Thickener solved the problem. Thickening sludge reduced the frequency of removal of sludge, thus achieving the cost reduction. Moreover, the VOLUTE™ Thickener mechanically concentrates sludge, differently than other devices that utilize gravity for thickening, always discharging sludge at a constant concentration rate. Also, they appreciate VOLUTE™ for its advantages such as its small footprint, power savings, and minimized cleaning water for clog prevention. The thickener installed in this facility thicken the sludge from 12,000 mg/L (before thickening) to 30,000 mg/L (after thickening), which satisfied the demand of the user. The user was satisfied with the achievement.

Sludge before thickening
Thickened sludge

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