From zero treatment to the best sludge treatment experience

Plastic recycling factory in the Netherlands


This plastic recycling factory was not dewatering their sludge at all and they had to pay very high fees to evacuate it.
The customer started looking into the different solutions available on the market but soon realized that the “hard-to-treat“ nature of their sludge was not compatible with most technologies.
AMCON’s sludge dewatering twin-screw press ended up being the only technology with a potential to treat their difficult sludge.

AMCON’s offer for a solution

The plastic recycling factory decided to test a new setup for the treatment of their wastewater – a DAF unit followed by AMCON´s sludge dewatering twin screws screw press VOLUTE DUO™, designed to treat difficult abrasive and inorganic sludges.
Seeing the results of this test – a very good filtrate quality and low water content in sludge cake of down to 51 % without the use of any polymers in the dewatering step at all times and with no signs of blockage – it all persuaded the client to acquire a VOLUTE DUO™ unit two sizes bigger to keep up with their expanding production capacity.

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