“We wonder why others don’t use VOLUTE™.”

Nakanojo Wastewater Treatment Plant in Japan

Mr. Shigeki Yoshida, Assistant, Water and Sewer Team, Water and Sewer Section, Nakanojo Town
Mr. Masato Hayashi, Executive Director, Agatsuma Water Quality Management Center Co., Ltd.

Nakanojo town, nestled along streams in Gunma prefecture, has seven wastewater treatment plants. Among them, Nakanojo wastewater treatment plant is the biggest municipal plant serving 5000 population equivalent.
Nakanojo is the municipality where "VOLUTE™", originally intended for use in industrial applications, was installed for the first time in municipal wastewater treatment plant. Since then, use of VOLUTE™ has spread to other municipalities. It all started from an exhibition over ten years ago where AMCON exhibited Volute as a general dewatering press for industrial application. But then Japan Sewage Works Agency suggested use of VOLUTE™ for municipal wastewater sludge. They conducted a demonstration experiment of VOLUTE™ in the Shima municipal wastewater treatment plant in which VOLUTE™ achieved a very good result. After receiving the official approval of Japan Sewage Works Agency, VOLUTE™ was installed in Nakanojo wastewater treatment plant.

We were right about installation of VOLUTE™. First, it reduces costs. Typical treatment process of sludge generated in sewage treatment plant requires pre- thickening process. But, VOLUTE™ does not. VOLUTE™ directly dewaters sludge from the oxidation ditch tank. When VOLUTE™ dewatering press is used, the cost of the thickening process is not necessary. The conventional dewatering presses need to be attended while operating. VOLUTE™ is fully automatic. It can be left unattended and the personnel cost will be reduced. Furthermore, Volute consumes much less power than competitors' similar products.

VOLUTE™ is easy to operate, quick to start up and compact in size. Above all, AMCON's support system is satisfactory. When the machine needs repair, we don't have to send it back to the manufacturer. The representative delivers necessary parts. And, the machine can continue to run with little downtime. Also, AMCON takes action promptly. When we have trouble with a machine, it usually takes around a week for other companies to take some measures. When we call AMCON, the sales engineer visits us right away, doing repairs and giving advice. A machine easy to maintain is truly helpful.
They offer good products and good service. We even wonder why others do not use AMCON's products. We hope AMCON will continue to develop and provide their products.

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