A company that is continuously enhancing the client satisfaction level, I think so.

KankyouKougaku Inc.

Mr. Shuji Hoshina, Chief Executive Officer

Automatic water vending machines are often located at super-markets. Our company developed the machines for the first time in Japan. We are engaged in designing, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of total purification systems.

In the food industry, taking care of "safety/security" is necessary. We place special emphasis on quality control with bacteriological examination. We are responsible not only for installing the machines, but also for the water the machines provide; we secure the safety of customers by examining bacteria in the "water as end product".

We mainly value the following three points in outsourcing water examinations, the objective of which is said above. The first is high test accuracy. The second is speed. Reporting the test results in a short time, possible problems of the product could be dealt with swiftly, and minimizing the inconvenience of customers using the vending machines. The third is giving us appropriate advice according to the situation. We want "plus something extra", not ad-hoc, based on a long-term perspective, including information from government and municipal offices. AMCON meets all these three points.

So called general inspection institutes answer our questions. Like Q&A. This is not wrong. But, what we need is "professional advice". In the relationship with AMCON, through water examinations, we sometimes have proposals which lead to making machines or to associating with customers. For example, if some bacteria are mixed in the water, we get a hint about the reason why we made a machine into which bacteria can enter, and we reflect the advice to the design. Or, we get information with knowledge that is to our advantage. Such proposals and information, which are not reflected in the fee, are not directly reflected in profits, but they can be the factor that makes us "want to continue business". I think this point is a big difference between AMCON and other companies.

In short, I think AMCON is a company that is continuously trying to enhance the client satisfaction level. In addition, enthusiasm can be felt from each employee. As a result of these things, the relationship with AMCOM has lasted for over 10 years.

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