Specifications List

Sludge Dryer

SP Series (offered only in Japan)

♦ SP series with an electric heat source

Model Throughput Dimensions (mm) Total Power
Consumption (kW)
Empty Weight (kg)
SP-Ⅱ up to 4kg-DS/h
(up to 26.6kg-WET/h)
3141 900 900 14.7 310
SP-Ⅲ up to 5.5kg-DS/h
(up to 36.6kg-WET/h)
3357 910 1009 19.5 350
* Throughput is based on the standard case in which the dewatered cake with water content of 83% is treated into dried cake with water content of 40%.
* Throughput above may vary depending on the conditions of treated sludge or the water content of the materials to be fed into the drier.
Please inquire with us for further information.
* Dimension and weight above are for each single drier.
Control panels, exhaust fan, dust collector, air scrubber, boiler facility, etc. are not included.

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about sludge treatment and wastewater treatment.

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