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Dewatering low-concentration sludge
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Dewatering low-concentration sludge

Manufacturing Plant of Synthetic Fiber Materials in Indonesia

  • Sludge dewatering press
  • Textile
  • Dewatering low concentration sludge
  • Replacement of dewatering machine
Manufacturing Plant of Synthetic Fiber Materials in Indonesia

Their problem

Before installation of VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press, they threw cake into their dryer after dewatering by their belt press . Drain of Synthetic Fibers purified from oil was not suitable for micro-organisms and was low MLSS. In addition , sludge concentration from thickening tank was quite low(6,000mg/L). So, Water content in Sludge cake became 92% by belt press machine. Because of throwing the soft sludge like Tofu, the load was pretty high.

AMCON’s solution

Since VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press adopted the unified structure that serves two functions, thickening and dewatering in the single machinery, the low concentration sludge can be dewatered. The drum filter, because of the clog-free, realizes higher speed of filtering phenomena per filtering area as compared to the methods, and the sludge is instantly thickened by gravity. They can constantly throw sludge into the dryer by installation of VOLUTE™ that can keep 85 % of water content so easily.

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