All the necessary equipment for sludge dewatering
combined into one

Water and sludge treatment products

Containerized Sludge Dewatering Unit

This plug & play containerized sludge dewatering unit provides the wastewater treatment facility with a unique all-in-one and ready-to-use experience in sludge treatment.


The best plug-and-play experience for you

It is fully mobile, eliminates construction cost and administration works for construction permit, provides operator-friendly environment with heater and ventilation system as standard furnishing. The best plug-and-play experience for you. Its compactness (occupies only 30㎡) and low maintenance makes it a preferable choice to constructing a new sludge dewatering building.


Rental of Sludge Dewatering Presses

You may wonder, “Can the machine dewater the sludge as desired?” or “Is it difficult to operate the machine?”
In addition to eliminating concerns before purchase, you can also use our products as a replacement machine during the service period of an existing dewatering machine or during the construction period of a wastewater treatment facility.

Flow for Product Installation

Feel free to contact us. After collecting information about your treatment process, sludge volume, operating hours, and other conditions, we will select the most suitable model for your sludge and your concerns. During jar test, we will simulate the amount of chemicals to be dosed, the estimated water content of the dewatered cake, etc. Upon request, a pilot test can be performed at your wastewater treatment plant (for a fee). After determining the specifications and ancillary equipment, we will start producing the equipment. Our sales representative or service engineer will perform operational adjustments at your wastewater treatment plant and you will check how to operate the system before we hand over the equipment.