Basic model
for powder polymer

Water and sludge treatment products

Polymer Make-up System
CS Series

This machine automatically dissolves polymer used in sludge dewatering presses and all other wastewater treatment systems into a specified dilution rate. Significant labor savings can be achieved by automation of the dissolving process.



Manpower reduction by fully automatic operation

As long as the hopper with polymer is refilled, all troublesome measuring and dissolving tasks can be performed automatically, and a consistent concentration of polymer solution is supplied. In addition, compared to manual dissolving, lumps are less likely to be formed, so the polymer is not wasted.

A combined operation is possible with sludge dewatering presses and others

The device continuously monitors the dissolving tank and the hopper using sensors. When the level of the polymer is low or when supply of dilution water is inadequate, the device automatically stops and sends a warning signal to the external equipment it is attached to.

Flow for Product Installation

Feel free to contact us. Following your various conditions, we will select the most suitable model considering your concerns. After determining the specifications and ancillary equipment, we will start producing the equipment. Our sales representative or service engineer will perform operational adjustments at your wastewater treatment plant and you will check how to operate the system before we hand over the equipment.