In-line mixing type
for liquid polymer

Water and sludge treatment products

Polymer Make-up System

Polymore which is manufactured by Swedish company POLYMORE, is a in-line mixing type, automatic liquid polymer make-up system that is widely used in Europe.



Small footprint

The design is compact by adopting inline mixing and yet the dissolving capacity is powerful.
It is best for those who need to install all necessary kinds of equipment in limited space.

Easy operation

All operation adjustments are just settings of flow rate of dilution water and neat polymer pump.
Polymer can be easily made up to specific concentration.
Moreover, it is also possible to operate in conjunction with sludge dewatering press by using external input and alarm output.

Unnecessary to use pump for dosing of polymer solution

Adopting a structure that discharges dissolved solution using inflow water pressure of dissolved water supplied to Polymore.
It is unnecessary to use a pump for dosing polymer solution into sludge dewatering machine.

Example of installation

Flow for Product Installation

Feel free to contact us. Following your various conditions, we will select the most suitable model considering your concerns. After determining the specifications and ancillary equipment, we will start producing the equipment. Our sales representative or service engineer will perform operational adjustments at your wastewater treatment plant and you will check how to operate the system before we hand over the equipment.