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Make The Most of Your Time with Our VOLUTE Unmanned Operation!
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Make The Most of Your Time with Our VOLUTE Unmanned Operation!

Dairy product company in Japan

  • Sludge dewatering press
  • Livestock farm
  • Operation management man-hour reduction
  • Pilot test/rental
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Dairy product company in Japan

Their problem

This dairy product company is celebrating its 75th anniversary.
They produce various dairy products, mainly milk which is popular amongst the locals in Mie Prefecture as “delicious local milk.”
This dairy product manufacturer was using a screw press type sludge dewatering machine, but due to aging, it could not perform stable dewatering.
Due to the deterioration of the machine’s performance, they had to check the operation status every few hours and manually dissolve the polymer flocculant as needed.
Initially, they did not question the “labor-intensive” methods in dealing with such dewatering machines, as such, they simply had to endure this inconvenient method.

AMCON’s solution

However, everything changed when they decided to install our VOLUTE FS series sludge dewatering press equipped with the AP type automatic polymer flocculant dissolver.

Installed FS-202 type and AP-M05 type

Our VOLUTE Dewatering Press can be set to start and stop with a timer, and
the AP type automatic polymer flocculant dissolving device automatically detects the liquid level of the solution and dissolves it, enabling unmanned operation.

Moreover, while the FS Series has a simple structure focused on the basic functions of a sludge dewatering press, it is equipped with a stable operation support control called VAS, which constantly monitors the current value of the motor in the dewatering section, and properly controlling the rotation speed of the dewatering section for a constant stable output.

Testimonials from our dear customers

“We were attracted to VOLUTE for its capability of automatic unmanned operation. After the installation, as proposed, we can operate the dewatering press in an unmanned automatic way when setting the timer. All thanks to this, we no longer need to spend time on manual sludge treatment thus enabling us to work on other tasks!”

“Also, during the installation process of the dewatering press, we offered to install a rental VOLUTE Dewatering Press to avoid any halts on sludge treatment.
Renting a sludge dewatering machine allowed us to simultaneously carry out the reconstruction of the dewatering machine room, as such we decided to rent the press. Thanks to that, we were able to deal with the situation without being affected by the construction period.”